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Royal house = Muscali (Mongol Ovog) Moğol Kabilesi / Aşireti
surname = Muscali
native_name = Musjalu'ut
estate = Mongolia, Central Asia, Russia, Mosul, Anatolia
coat of arms =
country =
parent house = Borjigin
titles = Khan, Mirza, Bey, Shah, Sardar, Emir, Ghazi, Sultan
founder = Köchü (Khan of the White Horde/Golden Horde)
final ruler =
current head =
founding year =
deposition =
nationality = Turko-Mongol

The Muscali (Mongolian: Musjalu'ut, Musjalu'ut, Musjalut; also Musajaluud) Family Genghised Origins.’ were a Mongol and later Turkicized We know definitely that the leading clan of the Muscali tribe traced its origin to Köchü, head of one of White Horde/Golden Horde... These then were the most prominent members of the Ulus Jochi: the old Mongolian tribes — Börjigin.


According to the Secret Book of Marco Polo, written during the The year they live of Marco Polo, the Muscali shared ancestry with the Borjigin, the imperial clan of Genghis Khan and his successors, and other Mongol clans. The leading clan of the Muscali traced its origin to Köchü Khan, head of one of Jochi's regiments. Genghis Khan was a direct ancestor of the legendary Mongol warlord Köchü Khan'.

Due to extensive contacts with the native population of Mosul, the tribe had adopted the religion of Islam.

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